• Jay Beman

    I approached Finanta 8 months ago for a commercial property I wanted to purchase very quickly. With several minor adjustments I was able to secure fairly quickly. The team at Finanta were quick to respond to my initial enquiry. By the next morning I was uploading all necessary documents and from that moment on the company secured the exact loan I was looking for. This (bridging loan) was for 6 months and I am happy how it proceeded.

    Nov 27 2019
  • Slava Griga

    Having successfully completed two bridging deals with the aid of Finanta, I would highly recommend this credit broker to any prospective buyer. You can certainly expect an unmatched level of integrity, efficiency and transparency, complemented by exceptional market knowledge and a proactive, no-nonsense, seriously can-do attitude.

    Nov 04 2019
  • A. Duncan

    Many thanks for your excellent professional help with the bridging loan to complete the mortgage payment on my property.

    Sep 01 2019
  • Leo

    Extremely happy, quick and efficient service. Thanks to finanta team

    Aug 15 2019
  • Ella Dizusa

    Finanta staff are very friendly. They deliver the right personal service and fresh thinking that helped me a lot. Highly impressed by the bespoke service.

    Jun 20 2019
  • Antonia Berg

    Taking the bridging loan to purchase a new house was onerous for me. I researched about so many companies then decided to take it from Finanta. The team responded very quickly. It was a great experience taking the loan from Finanta.

    May 20 2019
  • Richard

    I was trying to buy a new house but the funds I’d arranged didn’t arrive in time. Finanta was able to arrange a bridging loan and enable me to complete the deal. Efficient and friendly service.

    Apr 28 2019

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