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Regulated Bridging Loan

A regulated bridging loan is funding for personal, rather than business use, secured on a residential property occupied (or soon to be occupied) by the applicant or a close family member – it is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and may involve more thorough processes than other loans.

Quick Access to Regulated Funding

Finanta’s regulated loan specialists are dedicated to providing a fast turnaround of your loan application to make sure you receive funding in a timely manner. We provide our clients with the best possible funding solution sourced from our panel of trusted lenders, and we’ll take your personal circumstances and requirements into consideration before presenting you with the final deal.  

Lending Criteria

  • Loan to value (LTV): 75% maximum
  • Loan term: 3 to 12 months
  • Interest options: serviced, retained, rolled-up
  • Loan available in the UK
  • Loan amount: £25,000+
  • Interest rates from: 0.45%
  • Exit strategy: sale or refinance*

Key Features

Immediate decision

No early repayment fees

Adverse credit considered

Funding for UK Residence

Available to individuals in the UK, Finanta can secure this type of short-term bridging finance as either a first or second charge against all types of residential property, multiple occupancy property, land, farms and agricultural property. All our regulated finance is processed via our sister company, Redrock Commercial Finance Limited, who are FCA authorised and regulated. 

Use of Regulated Bridge Finance

Individuals can utilise this type of bridging finance for:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Main residence property purchase
  • Home improvements
  • Redeem existing first charge

If you are unsure of the best type of bridging loan for your particular needs, get in touch today and we'll walk you through the funding options available to suit your particular circumstances. 

* If you decide to refinance as your exit strategy, we can assist with this utilising a refinance bridging loan.

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