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Fast turnaround for specialist property finance loans

Unique to Finanta, the Mini Bridge® is a fast turnaround bridging loan secured on property. The Mini Bridge® provides clients with access to specialist property funding in just 72 hours. Available to residents in England and Wales, this short-term loan is ideal for those in pressurised financial situations, for example, facing repossession, overdue taxes, or needing funds urgently for other business expenses.       

Quick Loan Process, Short Loan Term  

When you need cash in a hurry, Finanta’s Mini Bridge® is the answer. No upfront valuations or legal costs facilitates a fast to action loan application.  We can source the most effective form of bridging finance to tide you over during what can often be a stressful time. If you are overdue on your HMRC tax bill payments, our Mini Bridge® is the ideal funding solution to not only solve the problem but also to avoid costly penalties. Let us help you obtain funding fast.

Lending Criteria

  • Loan to value (LTV): Flexible  - dependent on security
  • Loan term: up to 12 months
  • Interest options: retained
  • Decision: Immediate
  • Loan amount: £25,000-£200,000
  • Exit strategy: sale or refinance
  • Loan available in England and Wales
  • Offer within 24 hours

Key Features

No credit, bad credit considered 

No legal costs

No early repayment fees

Business Funding up to £200K

Available to individuals, trading limited companies, and SPV Ltd companies, the Mini Bridge® is secured against property and can be used to finance just about any business purpose up to a maximum of £200K.  LTV is flexible, depending on security being provided to back the loan. 

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Our Mini Bridge Provides up to £200,000 in Funding for Almost Any Business Expense. Call To Find Out More Today.

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