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Short Term Bridging Loan Finance

As one of the leading UK property finance specialists, Finanta offers the best bridging finance deals and selection of short-term financial products in the country.  In addition, our expertise in the business finance sectors enable us to provide our fast and flexible bridging finance for those situations when your money is tied-up elsewhere, and not readily available.

Finanta Bridging Loans are typically agreed for a period of 3 to 24 months and secured against a property you own.  A bridging loan is often the most flexible and quickest form of funding to ‘bridge the gap’ when you are between property deals, making acquisitions, refurbishments, for property development, refinancing, and more.   

Find out more about the specialist bridging loan solutions we can provide, or if you are ready to take action, ask for a no obligation quote:

Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial businesses requiring a short-term loan to fund the purchase of commercial property, development, expansion of business, office/retail space refurbishment, and more.

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Residential Bridging Loans

A residential bridging loan is a short-term finance solution secured on a residential property which may be occupied by the owner or other family member(s), tenanted, or vacant.

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The Mini Bridge® Loan 

Our personalised Mini Bridge® loan provides up to £200K in funding within just 72 hours. Ideal for unexpected business bills and to stop repossession!  Available in England and Wales.

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Development Finance

This is a short-term funding solution that is secured on property already owned, with the intention of increasing the property value during the loan period. Only available in the UK.  

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Purchase at Auction Finance 

This type of bridging loan is a temporary finance solution for borrowers purchasing property at auction who require funding within 28 days.

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Land Bridging Finance

For land acquisitions for development where planning permission is already in place, a land bridging loan is a quick to action, temporary finance solution.

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Refinance Bridging Loan

As a property owner, a refinance bridging loan is one of the most flexible and quick-to-action funding solutions to obtain in that it may be used for almost any purpose.

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Regulated Bridging Loan

A regulated loan relates to the type of security being offered to back this type of temporary loan. In this case it is where the borrowers own property or home is used as security.

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Second Charge Loan

A second charge bridging loan will sit behind your existing loan, leaving current commitments unaffected whilst still providing you with the required funding.

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Refurbishment Finance 

A finance solution for refurbishment projects such as redecoration, overhaul or refit of main place of residence, buy-to-let investment or commercial property.

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