Bridging Loans Explained

Everything you need to know about bridging loans, what to expect, how much you can lend, and everything in between!

  • What is a bridging loan

    A bridging loan is a flexible way to organise short-term funding secured against property already owned.

  • Why get a bridging loan

    Bridging loan enables you to access capital quickly when time is a major factor.

  • How to apply for a bridging loan

    Private individuals, partnerships, limited companies and sole traders may all apply for a bridging loan

  • How much can I borrow

    How much bridging finance can you borrow?

  • UK bridging loan process

    We aim to provide a no-nonsense, simple and easy to action bridging loan process.

  • Bridging loan uses

    There are many reasons why you may require a short term property or business finance solution.

  • Bridging loan security

    A bridging loan is secured against some form of asset.

  • Bridging loan repayment

    Your repayment structure will be discussed and agreed up with you prior to loan completion.

  • Bridging loan exit strategy

    During the application process you will agree on a secure exit strategy.

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