Bridging Loan Calculator

Our loan repayment calculator is designed to provide UK customers with an estimate of costs associated with a short-term loan from Finanta.  Easy to use, the bridging loan calculator will allow you to make a quick cost calculation for the bridging finance you require.  Further assistance regarding loan calculations can be provided by our specialist loan team who will be happy to explain the bridging loan process, and discuss an exit strategy at the end of the loan term. 

Finanta UK Bridging Loan Calculator

To utilise the loan calculator, simply complete all form fields to ensure you are provided with an accurate estimate.  Note that personal details are mandatory but rest assured that these are private and confidential and will only be utilised by Finanta staff. 

This calculator provides an approximate value only.  If you require further details relating to a Finanta Bridging Loan, please contact our financial advisors who are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm.  Call us on 0203 780 7610, or contact us via our contact form and one of our loan experts will respond to you promptly. 

Bridging Loan Calculator

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